We’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out. 

Q: How much is delivery for the hire glassware?

$30 each way

Q: How much is glassware and what if I break one?

We like to keep things simple, $1 to hire a glass and $4 if one is chipped, missing, or thrown at someone eg broken.

Q: Do I need to be home when you are cleaning?

This is entirely up to you, of course we will need someone to let us in but then you can grab a drink, head back to bed or head down to the beach while we clean, that is completely fine with us.

Q: What if I want to cancel my booking?

Hangover Helpers require a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cleaning service cancellation or changes. We are aware that life happens and sometimes less than 48 hours notice is unavoidable, however, the staff will still need to be reimbursed for their time. In this instance 80% of the booking will still need to be paid. If cancellation occurs earlier than the 48 hours period a full refund will be made. Gift Vouchers will need to be redeemed within 12 months of purchase.

Q: How long will the clean take?

Each clean will be different but there will always be at least two Helpers present to clean up so we estimate around two hours for a standard clean.

Q: Do you bring breakfast?

Since Covid-19 we no longer bring food to our cleans. Our teams still bring with them some refreshments to help with the hangover.

Q: How much rubbish can be removed?

If you select to have rubbish removal added to your booking we can remove up to 8 x large bags of party rubbish. Any excess rubbish will be neatly bagged up ready for your disposal. If you think you will need extra rubbish removal for your party we can organise this for you with a third party but extra costs will be involved.

Q: What if my party ended up been bigger than the online form?

Of course we understand that sometimes the party might get out of hand and may spill into other areas of the house than you would have liked, The Hangover Helpers staff will assess each clean to the information you have provided on the website and if any extra cleaning is required we will organise an separate invoice to be sent to you, don’t worry we wont leave the place half done.

Q: How much will my clean cost?

Our prices start from $200 which includes two helpers cleaning up to 2 x indoor rooms, 1 x outdoor area, and 1 x bathroom & toilet. (This will also include a selection of drinks for two). Each clean will be different and we have an in-built calculator to help guide you on an estimate of how much your clean would cost. Once you have sent through your enquiry, one of the Hangover Helpers will be in touch to confirm and send you through an invoice for payment.